Vikrant Rona Movie (2022) Release date, Review, cast trailer

‘Vikrant Rona’ hit the theaters in 2D and 3D on 29th July. The film is directed by Anoop Bhandari and stars Kicha Sudeep and Nirup Bhandari.

vikrant rona movie

Sudeep Kichha’s Vikrant Rona was released in theaters on July 28. Movies earned 40 crores in 1 day at the box office and are getting Immense love Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, Kichcha Sudeep has a stellar performance in Vikrant Rona. Well, it is not only the audience who are impressed by the visual spectacle Vikrant Rona, many Cinematic gems of India including SS Rajamouli came forward to praise the film.

Taking to Twitter, SS Rajamouli congratulated Kichha Sudeep on the success of Vikrant Rona. He wrote: “It takes guts and faith to invest in a line like this. You did and it paid off. Preclimax, the heart of the film was brilliant. Couldn’t see that coming and it was great. Special mention of Gudi’s friend Bhaskar.


Vikrant Rona

Release date:

28 july 2022 Rating: 3.3

starring: sudeep Kiccha, Nirup bhandari, Neetha Ashok, Jacqueline Farnandez, Ravishankar Gowda


Anup bhandarii

producer :

Shalini jack manju, Alankar pandia

Kiccha sudeep has been waiting for the release of his biggest movie vikrant rona for a very long time. The film has finely hit the screen today Let’s see how it is.


Vikrant Rona is a period drama and is based on the ancient village of Komarattu in Karnataka. A crop dies mysteriously And to handle the situation, Inspector Vikrant comes to cry. Upon investigation, he learns that sixteen other young children have were also killed and these killings are related to their lives. What is connection? who is the killer? This forms the rest of the story.

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