Mukesh Khanna Say Who Actor Will Become Saktiman

Recently, Mukesh Khanna sir has given such a statement regarding Shaktimaan, which clearly shows that such an actor will be chosen for the role of Shaktimaan,Which I do not have any relation with Bollywood far and wide because he has said in the statement that for the role of Shaktimaan, an actor is needed who is educated and Shaktimaan is not only a superhero but also a teacher who helps children.

Budget Of Saktiman Movie

And as far as it is concerned, he has also said in his statement that whoever has the identity of a superhero in his world in real and has never used the word now in any public place, then he Will choose a superhero who will be really worthy to become a superhero, he will be able to play the role of super hero in Shaktimaan and he has also said that the cost of making this picture can be around 300 to 400 crores.

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    Who Best Roll Of Saktiman

    So he would not like to see any such person in the role of Shaktimaan who spreads bad thoughts in the country or in the world as it is heard that people want to see Ranveer Singh and Hrithik Roshan and other Bollywood stars as Shaktimaan.

    So perhaps this dream of his will remain as a dream, Mukesh Khanna sir also said in his interview that those who have become Shaktimaan Seeing that he has grown,

    Friendly Saktiman

    even today at the age of 30, by messaging him, he says that because of his serial Shaktimaan, he has been able to do something in his life because Shaktimaan was not a superhero, but he used to encourage children in his serial. also provided good knowledgeAs those who have seen Shaktimaan serial, they know very well that people used to be so eager for Shaktimaan serial, let’s see, people are so eager for this Shaktimaan movie, who gets the role of superhero for him.

    Saktiman Powers

    Mukesh Khanna sir told that for a powerful superhero role, an actor is needed who is a decent person even in the outside world, who does not talk in tapori language and neither do I take pride in anything in that role of Shaktimaan. There should be every quality that should be for a powerful role, he should be not only an actor but also powerful in real life, he should not give wrong thoughts or wrong things to anyone, there should be a friend who is his friend. Be such a true friend to all elders and children

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