Manifest Season 4 release date announced: to know when and where to watch

Netflix announced the premiere date for the fourth season of Manifest, along with releasing a trailer for the same. The fourth season of the popular series “Manifest” will stream on Netflix across the world this November. The fourth season of the supernatural drama will be released in two parts, each having 10 episodes. Season 4 of the show will be premiered from November 4.

After NBC cancelled Season 4 of “Manifest,” makers of the show reached out to Netflix. The story of “Manifest” started in 2018 after Flight 828 took off in the first episode on NBC. Consequently, NBC ordered to shoot the second and third seasons of the show. But the show’s viewership dropped over time, and NBC decided to end the show after the finale of Season 3 on June 10, 2021. The show received massive acceptance and praise to become the 9th top-rated series on NBC that season. Notably, the viewership of “Manifest” fell by over half compared to Season 1’s viewership, which was reportedly 12.61 million.

That said, fans of “Manifest” can now celebrate as they will now finally get to know how the story ends. Interestingly, the creators of the show had planned for a total of six seasons of “Manifest,” but it is not on the table anymore. The world’s largest online streaming platform and makers of the show went into deliberations for months, and finally, Amid all the mess regarding the show’s fourth season, several characters left the show. Therefore, Season 4 of “Manifest” will have new characters. Netflix announced the fourth season of “Manifest” on August 2021. By August 21, 2021, all three previous seasons of the show were successfully airing on Netflix in several countries.

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