Halloween Ends Will Release Day and Date on Peacock and in Theaters

Halloween Ends Will Release Day and Date on Peacock and in Theaters

Halloween Ends release date, trailer, cast and more Michael Myers will be coming back for a new horror movie. Here’s everything we know about the Halloween.

Halloween Ends release date: Everything we know about Halloween Ends

After Halloween Kills ended on a cliffhanger, many horror movie fans may be wondering when the serial killer’s saga will end. What is the Halloween Ends release date? Michael Myers‘ next murder spree will be the last film in David Gordon Green’s reboots of John Carpenter’s original slasher franchise. Well, the good news is that we already know quite a bit about the latest instalment to the Halloween movies series. In the sequel Halloween Kills, original survivor Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) was in hospital with her family while the citizens of the suburban town rise up to confront Michael once and for all. In 2018, Green made a direct sequel to Carpenter’s 1978 film titled Halloween (2018). The film officially retconned the series and saw Michael Myers, 30 years since the events of that fateful Halloween night, escape from a mental institute to terrorise the citizens of Haddonfield once again.

The film ended with lots of people dead, Michael potentially being supernatural, and the killer still on the loose. We are all anxious to see how Green ties up his take on the franchise, so we have done some Michael-esque stalking of our own and are ready to answer any burning questions Halloween fans might have about the Halloween Ends release date.

Halloween Ends release date

The upcoming film will also be hitting the streaming service Peacock on the same day, after the success of the last film in the franchise. Halloween Kills, which was released on Peacock and in theatres, had the highest-grossing debut for a streaming day-and-date premiere, having earned $50.4 million during its opening weekend. The good news is that we already have a release date for Halloween Ends. So, it is time to mark your calendars, slasher fans, because Green’s final Halloween movie will be hitting theatres on October 14, 2022.

Halloween Ends plot specification

Similarly, the ending of Halloween Kills sets up space for the new instalment, leaving plenty of questions that need answering, thanks to all its cliff-hangers. We would expect all those loose ends to be wrapped up in a neat, little bow by the end of this movie. Halloween Ends plot hasn’t officially been released yet, but there is a lot of information and clues circling around about what it could potentially be. John Carpenter himself has described this upcoming movie as “a departure from the others,” though it remains to be seen exactly what that means.

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