Emily in Paris Season 3 Trailer Release Date 2022

emily in Paris season 3

Emily in Paris season 3 now has a release date: December 21.The Netflix series’ future is already set in stone, as Emily in Paris was renewed for seasons 3 and 4 at the start of the year. At its online-only event Tudum 2022, Alongside, we have a humorous 30-second teaser trailer for Emily in Paris season 3 where Emily Cooper (Collins) makes a big life decision. That’s a bit of a diversion, I’ve to admit, as you’ll find out soon enough. Netflix announced that the Lily Collins-led rom-com series will return in December — almost exactly a year after the arrival of season 2.

“This is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. This is just something I’ve to do,” Emily says via voiceover at the start of the first Emily in Paris season 3 trailer. She’s talking about her hair. Emily is getting bangs in season 3 — on a whim, because “it’s Paris.”Meanwhile, we are shown glimpses of the men she’s loved, and the women she’s worked for. (Lucien Laviscount, who continues to play Emily’s love interest on season 3, shows up for a split second.) But it’s all a distraction — Emily isn’t talking about a big work or personal choice.

The rest of the Emily in Paris season 3 teaser trailer is made up of Emily flaunting a number of new outfits out and about Paris — to be fair, that’s like half the reason this show exists — before Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) interrupts the montage and asks, “Are you okay, Emily?” Mindy’s (Ashley Park) reaction as she walks into their bathroom is one we can all relate to (“Emily, noooo!”), but what’s done is done. Emily must embrace the choices she has made.

The first Emily in Paris season 3 trailer ends there, closing out with the release date and season 3 written in French (“saison trois”). There are no major additions to Emily in Paris season 3 known so far. “They are just bangs, okay,” Emily barks at Gabriel in protest. “Sometimes, people cut bangs when everything’s fine.” Sounds to me someone is trying to reassure herself everything is fine.Laviscount will reprise his role in the season 3 as Emily’s love interest, Alfie, an English banker who was introduced to Emily in her French class during season 2.

Emily in Paris season 3 premieres December 21 on Netflix in India and around the world.

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